New Luxury SUV Acura MDX

Japanese car manufacturing company Acura started sales in the North American market of updated luxury SUV MDX.

Company Acura presented luxury SUV MDX 2016 modelling years which differs from the predecessor the expanded list of the equipment, a new automatic transmission and advanced system of all wheel drive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD). The manufacturer engaged entertaining system In a complete set of the car with support of voice-activated control Siri, a new rear-view camera with an active marking, and also system Easy Entry which at an open door shifts a driver’s armchair back on 35 mm.

Acura MDX exterior

The main innovation in equipment of SUV Acura MDX 2016 modelling years — a new nine-step automatic transmission. Transmission turned out on 30 kg easier old six-high-speed “automatic machine”, and drives are switched approximately to 25 % faster. Within the limits of updating engineers of “Acura” modernized system of all wheel drive SH-AWD, making it is easier and more effective.

Acura MDX interior

Acura MDX 2016 modelling years differ high level of active and passive safety. For the car adaptive cruise-control, independent system of emergency braking, and also the monitoring system of “dead” zones, preventions of face-to-face crash, a descent from a lane and about the objects which are behind the car are provided.

In the USA to buy Acura MDX it is possible at the price from $42 865. Competitors of Acura MDX are Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz M, Audi Q7, BMW X5/X6.

Mercedes Benz ML Class

Today company Mercedes releases the third generation Mercedes ML under index W166, but this time together with we discuss the very first Mercedes ML-class W163, after all this car began all series ML. Look at a photo of this all-wheel drive Mercedes, whether it seems to you, what in this car more American, than German? If it seems, a scent at you that is necessary. Mercedes M was developed specially for the USA, and moreover! ML became the first Mercedes which manufacture began outside of Europe. Initially, from 1997 year M was released in the State of Alabama, but after manufacture has been adjusted in small town Graz, in Austria where assembly Mercedes Gelendewagen and the first “big-eyed” Mercedes E-class W210 at that point in time was already conducted. To learn a place of assembly to M which have attracted to you it is possible on 11th symbol Vin – a code if on the eleventh position Vin – a code there is a symbol “X” – the car is assembled in Austria, and me1.3о the American origin prompts a symbol – A. It is necessary to understand that American factory much more, than Austrian. It is connected not only by that manufacture of Austrian factory has been stopped in 1999 year, but also and that in 90-s’ years more than 60 of 100 off-road cars released by various manufacturers found the owners in the USA, and in all Europe 10 off-road cars were on sale only. Knowing avarice of Europeans, Germans decided to develop manufacture in States that manufacture was as much as possible close to a commodity market. In difference from the basic competitors in the name of BMW X5 and Lexus RX, Mercedes M-class is equipped by a frame that does not allow to name it a crossover. On responses of experts quality of American and Austrian made is identical, therefore it is not necessary to convince itself that the Austrian is better than the American, or on the contrary. Read the rest of  "Mercedes Benz ML Class"»

New Lexus GX 460

The first generation of Lexus GX had a digital designation 470 that specified in volume of the eight-cylinder engine. The second generation has been shown for the first time in Guangzhou in 2009. The model received the name – GX460. The name of new model, Japanese fairly declared to buyers of their car loss of 100 cubic centimeters. As well as the first generation, the car of the second generation was under construction on a platform of Toyota Prado and in a modelling number of mark took a place between model RX and LX. It is interesting that according to the probes spent by Japanese, the consumer audience of more expensive Lexus GX460 is younger, than potential buyers Prado. Priority commodity markets for an off-road car are the market of the CIS, the Arabian countries and the market of China. Read the rest of  "New Lexus GX 460"»

New Nissan Qashqai – Comparison to older model

Present Nissan Qashqai – the compact crossover becomes very popular in many markets. Economic motors, various auxiliary electronics, design from more expensive model and new for Qashqai engine type can make the second generation of model a crossover number one. If only…
Nissan Qashqai for most markets – the car cult. It was necessary to it to appear on sale as behind it turns were built. And not for couple of months, and at once for a year!


Nissan SUV owners of country real estate especially estimated. Better to say, summer residents. Spacious interior, big (for the car of such sizes) a luggage compartment, the power-intensive suspender quite good (for a crossover) flotation ability and quite reasonable prices made Qashqai desired for those who each day off directs on the nature.

Besides, no crises could affect popularity of Qashqai in Russia seriously! Against the Russian market of new cars falling already which month “Japanese” remains to one of the few who only types popularity.

The more interesting: what changed at alternation of generations, and whether provokes new Qashqai the next agitate in our market? With record in turn of a year and shouts «you here did not stand!»?

Either designers faked, or Nissan management enjoined to make all cars of mark identical outwardly. Yes, from former generation Qashqai-II differs strikingly. But if to compare with new X-Trail which showed recently in Frankfurt… Read the rest of  "New Nissan Qashqai – Comparison to older model"»

2011 Toyota 4Runner Photo

In a network there were first espionage photos new Toyota 4Runner 2011 modelling years. The car in full camouflage has been photographed in California when passed tests for roads of the general using.
toyota 4runner
New 4Runner, similar, will keep the basic lines of a body, the cowl and, probably, head optics will a little exchange only. The most part of changes as writes resource Jalopnik, will concern a model interior. Undoubtedly, it will be improved offroad flotation ability 4Runner and it high performance parametres. Let’s remind, that the new off-road car is constructed on platform Toyota Hilux. On the market the car leaves in 2010. In the beginning of 2003 there was IV generation popular in the USA (4Runner) and Japan (Hilux Surf) off-road cars. The car became even more and is more modern. New design of the body, the new suspender, new engines.

UPDATE: Now as time has passed we have a test drive review of 4Runner. Read the rest of  "2011 Toyota 4Runner Photo"»

Nissan Qazana Concept

Concept car Qazana which will lay down in a basis of future compact crossovers Nissan, has shown the Japanese concern on the Geneva autoshow. After a month after a model premiere on the Internet have placed the first preliminary image of the serial version of the car.

The small crossover on the basis of conceptual car Qazana will go to a batch production next year, and Nissan does not hurry up to open all secrets of a novelty. Work on creation of an image of the car was incurred by journalists from Japanese edition Best Car which have kept recognised lines of a concept: double head optics, and a front bumper. The “fodder” part of the serial version of the car at Best Car considerably differs from a concept and it concerns not only roofs, but also design of tail lights.

About what power ruler will receive Nissan Qazana, till now to find out it was not possible, but, most likely, on a level with petrol and diesel units the car begins to be completed and hybrid installation.

New Kia Sorento 4×4 Car 2010-2011

In the given review you learn technical characteristics, Kia Sorento price, and also look at a photo and video of the given model. That first of all should afflict fans of off-road cars, so this that that Kia of Sorento 2011 now not the frame car (the Rating of crossovers 2011 see). The company decided not to make in general in 2010 this car, and it was first sign of that global reorganization of model is started. Manufacturers refused a frame design of Sorento of 2011 new Kia in advantage body, that is transformed the car from the present off-road car in a SUV. As manufacturers told, they had to make such decision to compete with Ford Edge, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Chevy Equinox. These changes should give to a new car the best rideable qualities and comfort. Read the rest of  "New Kia Sorento 4×4 Car 2010-2011"»

Range Rover Sport Platinum R by Concept802

Company Concept802 which one month ago has declared operational development of crossover Range Rover Sport, has published only two photos auto which foreshortenings left much to be desired. Under the pressure of public Concept802 has placed on the Internet three more pictures, allowing to the full to take pleasure in kind Range Rover Sport Platinum R. This car is very high performance and can compete with race cars. Read the rest of  "Range Rover Sport Platinum R by Concept802"»